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    After taking part in ‘On Feirm Ground’, when going out on the farm I feel more confident when harder and more personal subjects are bought up by the farmer. I know the right questions to ask and what signs to look for instead of not knowing what to say to try and help the situation. Having this knowledge is a great advantage as you are never worried going into a farm of not knowing what to say or not saying the correct thing and making the situation worse.

    ‘On Feirm Ground’ has improved my understanding of how Agricultural Advisors can more effectively engage in supportive communications with farmers

    I thought the ‘On Feirm Ground’ training was very good, I am much more aware of how to spot the signs of someone in distress, and comfortable enough in opening the conversation with most of my clients. The EARS approach is very effective.

    Since ‘partaking in the On Feirm Ground’ training, I have tried to be more open to talking to farmers about issues they may have physically or mentally and encourage them to get help they needed if it is not already sought.

    I suppose doing ‘On Feirm Ground’, it helped me to see that poor health can be very common across the client base. I think it can be hard to try to help someone that is under pressure but with this training it has helped me in ways of addressing these types of situations Really it has raised awareness of what we can do to help farmers and where we can also look for help for them if they require it.

    The ‘On Feirm Ground’ programme definitely made me more aware to monitor farmers well being and to encourage them to seek help.