Men on the Move

Aim of Workshop

Men on the Move (MOM) is a community-based physical activity programme for inactive men. The purpose of the programme is to use physical activity (PA) as a ‘hook’ to engage men, with a view to improving their overall health and wellbeing.

It is underpinned by Social Cognitive Theory – one of the leading behaviour change theories used to explain and predict PA in the general population.

MOM was conceived in 2010 by Health Promotion and Improvement within the Health Service Executive (HSE) along with the Mayo Local Sports Partnership (LSP).  Following evaluation, it was adapted for delivery by the LSP in Donegal and is, currently, being rolled out almost nationwide.

In advance of delivering MOM, LSP co-ordinators and tutors are encouraged to take part in the Engage National Men’s Health Training Programme.

The MOM programme is a free, eight to twelve week community-based ‘beginners’ PA programme for inactive adult men.  It consists of structured group exercise twice a week; two facilitated experiential workshops; a twenty-four page health information booklet; a pedometer for independent PA sessions; weekly phone contact; a customised wallet card to record measures taken; and a 5km celebration event at the end.

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Hearing people speak from the heart about their lives encourages one to do the same.


The course has made me aware that everyone goes through similar struggles, worries, fears and concerns, that having support is key and you can find it on a course like this one.

This course had a different form that I expected. I’m glad that it required me to get involved and allowed me to practice expressing my own feelings which I had problems with.

Hearing people speak from the heart about their lives encourages one to do the same.