Unit 6

Connecting with Young Men

Aim of Workshop

To assist a broad range of practitioners to effectively engage with young men on mental health and wellbeing issues.


  • Demonstrate why we need to work with young men as a specific group.
  • Help participants to reflect on their own value base, experience, attitudes towards, and expectations of young men.
  • Explore the world of young men, the issues that they face, and the opportunities that exist to engage with them.
  • Model and offer practical suggestions on what works.
  • Increase the confidence of participants in relation to working with young men, and help them to believe that ‘it can be done’.

One Day Workshop Programme Outline


Arrival / settling-in

  • Registration
  • Tea / coffee
  • Pre-training evaluation (if applicable)

Welcome, scene setting, and creating a safe space

  • Welcome and thanks for coming
  • Housekeeping announcements
  • Background to ‘Connecting with Young Men’
  • Model of working together
  • Group contract / ground rules

Why focus on young men?

  • Do we need to specifically focus on the needs of young men?
  • Key issues facing young men

Young men: a positive force rather than a problem to be solved

  • Young men as people of worth rather than a problem to be solved
  • Strengths-based and salutogenic approaches
  • Images of young men
  • The ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ in young men’s lives
  • Empathy, and starting where young men are at

Comfort Break


Bags and baggage

  • Personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to working with young men

How are you smart?




The journey into manhood

  • Multiple intelligences
  • Learning styles


  • Key moments / events / occasions that mark a significant transition between childhood and manhood



Connecting with young men

  • Challenges and barriers to help seeking
  • Coping strategies
  • Opportunities for support

Comfort break


Top tips for engaging young men

  • Key features of a ‘young man friendly service’
  • Do’s and don’ts when working with young men

Bringing it all together

  • Recap on the day
  • Signposting to further resources
  • Feedback / evaluation
  • Closing round


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Hearing people speak from the heart about their lives encourages one to do the same.


The course has made me aware that everyone goes through similar struggles, worries, fears and concerns, that having support is key and you can find it on a course like this one.

This course had a different form that I expected. I’m glad that it required me to get involved and allowed me to practice expressing my own feelings which I had problems with.

Hearing people speak from the heart about their lives encourages one to do the same.